[gnet] gnet_sha_new_string Assertion failing, yet condition is met..

 GNet-CRITICAL **: file sha.c: line 482 (gnet_sha_new_string): assertion
`strlen(str) == (GNET_SHA_HASH_LENGTH * 2)' failed

Here is my latest code segment..

2), -1);
hash_sent = gnet_sha_new_string("2db47192c71dcd447d0146c85de23724e1b7615c");

I was getting frustrated, so I have gone so far is to put a hard coded sha
hash there as well as the same assert check from the gnet_sha_new_string
source code.. My assert passes, yet it fails in sha.c..

There is probably something simple I am missing, but I can't see it.

Any ideas ?

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