Re: [gnet] Using GNet callbacks with C++

On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 01:03:20PM +0800, Michael Alger wrote:
> Is there any (clean) way of using GNet in a C++ application, where the
> callback functions are wanting to be member functions of a class? I've
> searched around for a C++ wrapper or any mention at all of how to do
> this, but to no avail.
> Would I be better off just looking for an alternative library, and if
> so, any recommendations?  I mostly need Linux+Win32 support, and *BSD
> would be a bonus.

The same way one uses other GObject signals with C++ (and, in my case,
the way I use Motif :P with C++ in my day job) -- use private static
class methods to act as one-liner wrapper functions to the non-static

In your class, make a static private function with the signal's call
signature.  Pass the this as the G_CALLBACK, and `this' as the user
data gpointer, to g_signal_connect().

In the static private function, cast the user data gpointer to your
object's type and invoke the real non-static method.


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