Re: [gnet] gnet is slooow in receiving data

On Thursday 14 November 2002 12:53, Ron Arts wrote:


> I've written a simple multithreaded server application for inhouse use.
> This server accepts connections, asks for user and password a la
> the POP-3 protocol, and accepts an XML data file for upload.
>     (snip)
>          gnet_conn_readline (conn, NULL, 1024, 30000);
>     (snip)
>        {
>         readline, save to file....
> Everything works fine, but performance is really terrible, even a
> 256KB file takes a full minute, while CPU load goes to 100%.
> If I connect an strace to the server I see:
> read(7, "t", 1)                         = 1
> which means the input is read byte-for-byte from the network.
> Is this normal behaviour?

I think the problem might be that you are using gnet_conn_readline().

I would use gnet_conn_readany() with a buffer (not too small!). 

The drawback is that you have to assemble the pieces you get yourself and 
check for the end-of-line character yourself, but it should be a lot faster. 
I've done it this way in some apps of mine, and I haven't noticed any 
performance problems yet.

Disclaimer: I'm not a gnet hacker, I might be totally wrong ;-)

Hope this helps.


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