[glade--] Re: [gtkmm] Drag and drop code problem

Murray Cumming schrieb:
It seems there's another error in the way glademm generates the
drag_data_received signal handler

Can you retry with the CVS version of glademm? I already fixed it.

Also, could some clear up what the difference is between using SigC::
slot() and sigc::mem_fun() to connect the signals?  The generated code
uses the first and the gtkmm examples use the later and both seem to
do the same things (or at least generate the same error messages!).

SigC::slot is sigc++ 1.2 syntax (gtkmm 2.2),
sigc::men_fun is sigc++ 2.0 syntax (gtkmm 2.4).

Sigc++ 2.0 has compatibility headers to understand the 1.2 syntax. Use sigc::* in your code, glademm still emits SigC:: for gtkmm 2.0/2.2 compatibility [gtkmm-2.4 is not yet available everywhere].


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