Re: [glade--]CVS version of glademm

Murray Cumming Comneon com schrieb:
There are a lot yet to study for me because I am not an experieced programmer. Actually I just started coding several month ago. I always appreciate you are kind enough to tell me a lot.

I do not believe that glademm, or any code-generation tool, is a good thing
for a beginner programmer to use. If you wish to use gtkmm, I suggest that
you look at the gtkmm examples.

I think that glademm is good to give beginners a working widget and program structure to play with fast [usually within a few minutes]. *)

It does not teach them
- which widgets to use where and when
- how to do anything sensible with the widgets (modifying them, which signals to connect)

But that is simply not it's scope.


*) Of course auto* incompatibilities and glademm bugs lay some stones onto that path.

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