[glade--]Patch for glademm-

Hello glade-- folks--

Attached is a patch to glade--  It fixes one bug
and adds a little new functionality.  Changes:

1. Finds the pixmap directory correctly when source dir is
either "" (the empty string) or "."  (This had been a bug
against 1.1.3d, which was fixed, but it seems to have
regressed, so now it's fixed again.)

2. Properly handles the "CAN_DEFAULT" property, writing out
a call to

3. Properly handles the "HAS_DEFAULT" property, writing out
a call to
(this is only done for the FIRST widget in a window that has
and it gets written out after the signal handlers are

I can't confess to fully understanding the glade-- internal
data structure, so please convince yourself that my changes
are correct.  In particular, the changes to Cxx_Fileset.cc
need to be reviewed.


  Howdy Pierce
  Managing Partner
  Cardinal Peak, LLC

  email: howdy cardinalpeak com
  work: (303) 665-3962
  cell: (303) 589-1645

Attachment: glademm.patch
Description: Binary data

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