Re: [glade--]Yet the same question

Tadas Dailyda schrieb:
Let's say I have to windows: window1 and window2. These windows have
there visibility property set to public. I have a button in first
window. So how should I refer to window2 from button's callback

Usually I pass a pointer to different widget trees to a widget's ctor and save it in a member variable if I need to access widgets in a different tree (window).

   #include <window2.hh>
   class window1 : public window1_glade
   {  window2 *w2;
      window1(window2 *x) : w2(x) { ... }


> And how could I refer to button in window2 leaving it's
> visibility private.

you cannot ever access a private widget. Raise it to protected to access it in it's own class and to public to access it from outside (or pass the pointer by a public function).

Hope this helps

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