Re: [glade--]what version supports glade 0.6.4, gtk+-1.2.10?

Ross Tyler schrieb:
these are the versions bundled on my redhat 9 machine.
what version of glade-- (glademm?) is compatible.
where can i download it?

RH9 does not ship gtk+2 ? I would strongly advise to stay away from gtk1 if possible.

Perhaps there's a package named glade-2 and no matter which gtk family you choose, glademm-2.0.0c would be the version to use. Combine it with glade 0.5 for gtk1 and glade-2 2.0.0 for gtk2.

Download it from (or use anonymous CVS - the CVS version contains some unreleased fixes, see the README file for instructions)


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