Re: [glade--]Possible bug in menu writer

Mark Jones wrote:
This is something that I keep running across using Glade 2 and glademm-1.1.1c

I have created a standard gtkmm/gnome menubar, and the source for it keeps getting written out incorrectly for just one thing.

This:   menubar1->items().push_back(Gtk::Menu_Helpers::StockMenuElem(Gtk::StockID("gtk-help"), *help1_menu));

Should be:   menubar1->items().push_back(Gtk::Menu_Helpers::StockMenuElem(Gtk::StockID("gtk-help")));

I get compile errors without that change.

I think it has to do with a menubar push_back on a stock menu item, because the other cases below it writes correctly:
menubar1->items().push_back(Gtk::Menu_Helpers::MenuElem("_File", *menuitem1_menu));

I hope this is enough info to understand the problem.  Let me know if not!  :)

I understand the problem, but it's not easy to design a fix. Perhaps stock menu items with submenus are not designed for in gtkmm2. I hope I this guess is wrong.


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