Re: [glade--]Bug and possible fix for radio button grouping

On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 21:45, Mark Jones wrote:
> Christof,
> I ran into a bug today with radio button grouping.  Glade-2 works a little differently than glade did with assigning groups to radio buttons.  I suspect there is a bug in it as well, as it doesn't allow you to name it whatever you want, but that is separate from this issue.  This issue arose when I had more than one rb and wanted them all grouped in the same group.  I put them all in the same group, and they would be so when run as C code with glade-2, but when run as C++ with glademm (from CVS) the button that the group was named after would always be in its own separate group, a group not named after itself, which is the group all of them including itself had been assigned in glade-2.  I looked in the .glade file, and it turns out it had not been assigned a group within the XML.  So I realized either that is a bug in glade-2 (and how it writes out the XML), or else the source writers should put it in a group named after itself by default (which is what glade-2's C source!
 writer appears to do based on the interface.c file it writes).  So I dug into the glademm code and fixed it to handle that.  

Yes, radio groups are now based on widget names rather than having names
for each group.

The group property gives the widget name of the first widget in the
group to appear in the XML file.


PS. I didn't make this change and it caused me lots of pain too!

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