Re: [glade--]bug?! unsupported feature?

RevX gmx at wrote:
Hello Christof,

I tried to connect my Notebook to the switch_page signal
but when I'd (or make'd) that thing I got
following error message: no matching function for call to
`Gtk::Notebook::Proxy_switch_page::connect (SigC::Slot0<void>)'
/usr/local/include/gtk--/notebook.h:395: candidates are: class
SigC::Connection Gtk::Notebook::Proxy_switch_page::connect(const
SigC::Slot2<void,Gtk::Notebook_Helpers::Page *,unsigned int> &)

I don't understand that part with the 'Proxy_switch_page'.
Is that a glade-- bug or my fault (again)?

Hmmm, I don't know for sure ...
but you need to connect to a function with 2 arguments (not zero):

   void callback(Gtk::Notebook_Helpers::Page *,unsigned int);


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