[glade--]Menu Item Accelerators (how?)

What is the proper way to add menu item accelerators (like
CTRL-N for File->New)?

I have added some, but I can not tell if they are working
correctly (because I have not added any code manually yet).
 When I build the source code as c++ I get the following
what1: strange accelerator signal activate_item
can't modify menubar1:file1_menu
can't modify menubar1:file1
can't modify menubar1:another1_menu
can't modify menubar1:another1

One thing that seems to be weird is that when you create a
menu item, from the Menu Editor dialog, you can not assign
an accelerator as that part of the dialog is inactive.  So
you have to bring up the widget tree, then select the menu
item, then in the Properties dialog select the Common tab,
then click the "Edit" button for Accelerators.  But, what is
the proper Signal to select?

What is the difference between a GtkMenuItem activate and
activate_item signal?



PS  If you create a dialog in glade, can you tell a menu
item to bring that dialog up (and tell glade to make it
hidden until such time) from a menu item?  For example, a
help->about dialog.  Or do you have to do that manually at
this point in Glade's maturity?

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