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Mark Jones schrieb:
What I wrote before might not be what I thought it was.  I tried
deleting the two files and then updating it again and did not see this. Was this something CVS put in my local file while comparing my version
to the CVS version?  I'm new to CVS so it would not surprise me to learn
it was something like that.  But, then again, I would be surprised to
see that it would "markup" a file instead of fully updating it, leaving
it in an incorrect state (from a syntax standpoint).

CVS does not dump your modifications but tell you that they conflict with a change by another (me). One can not be too thankful for this. That's why it's called _concurrent_ versioning system.

I guess it is possible between the time I wrote this (below) and a few
minutes ago that it was updated with a correction for this.  Anyway, I
look forward to finding out what this was about.


here starts your local version


here starts my version (in CVS)


now back to normal.

Usually you hand merge the two (or decide which to fit better), and delete the markup and the non fitting lines. By hand of course. Most merges do not conflict.


BTW: you can make a patch for me by using

cd glade--
cvs diff -u >patch.diff

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