Re: [glade--]Treeview->signal_select_cursor_row not written properly, but what is proper?

Mark Jones schrieb:
I have a tree view.  I wanted to have a signal for when a row is
selected.  So the best signal I saw was select_cursor_row, so I put that
on it in Glade.  glade-- generates code that does not compile though.

I'd vote for

The code it generates:


The compiler error:

no matching function for call to `Glib::SignalProxy1<void, bool>::connect (SigC::Slot0<void>)'
/usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/glibmm/signalproxy.h:134: candidates are:
SigC::Connection Glib::SignalProxy1<R, P1>::connect (const SigC::Slot1<R, P1> &, bool = true) [with R = void,
P1 = bool]

I tried playing with it, but could not find a good combination that

fixed in CVS, look into when you want to learn how to do this.

There are two issues:
- how to do that properly
see above
- using that, a fix for glademm

Anyone know how to connect to that signal?

by hand :-( . If you propose a way to specify that you want the selection's changed signal to get connected to, I'd happily implement the code generation part. Specifying "get_selection()->changed" might be an idea, or "selection:changed" (which both translate to illegal C code). I wonder how glade manages this in C code.


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