[gedit-list] GtkSourceView 1.5.5 released!

GtkSourceView 1.5.5

This is the 5th release of the development cycle that will lead to
GtkSourceView 1.6.0 (GNOME 2.14.0).

>From this release, GtkSourceView requires gtk+ 2.8. If you really need
to use GtkSourceView 1.6.0 with gtk+ 2.6, please let us know.


GtkSourceView is a text widget that extends the standard Gtk+ 2.x text
It improves GtkTextView by implementing syntax highlighting and other 
features typical of a source editor.

It's currently being used by gedit, MonoDevelop, screem and 
several other projects.

Web site: http://gtksourceview.sourceforge.net
Mailing list: http://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/gnome-devtools


* GLib 2.8.0 or later
* GTK+ 2.8.0 or later
* LibXML2 2.5.0 or later
* libgnomeprint 2.8.0 or later

News since last release

* Requires gtk+ 2.8.x
* Fixed bug #309663 – gcc 4.01 compiler treats pointer target
  warnings as errors (Marco Barisione)
* Added scheme.lang (Paolo Borelli)
* Allow to specify both 'u' and 'r' modifiers to python strings at 
  the same time (Steve Frécinaux)
* Add iterators to text region and use them (Paolo Borelli and Paolo Maggi)
* Use cairo to draw the right margin (Jeroen Zwartepoorte)
* Fixed bug #321252 - Clicking gedit line numbers should jump to line (Paolo 
  Borelli and Paolo Maggi)
* Fixed bug 312241 – .lang files in homedir take priority over $prefix (Guillaume
  Desmottes and Paolo Borelli)
* Fixed bug #318577 – win32 port (Tor Lillqvist, Paolo Borelli and Paolo Maggi) 
* Updated translations


c044ef7c6879f763e08a02ca29a1b602  gtksourceview-1.5.5.tar.gz

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