[gedit-list] gedit and gtksourceview

Hi List,

i just tried to compile the new_mdi gedit with the new
folding+newhl branch of gtksourceview.
Unfortunately all the new syntax files already included
(like for c), cause gedit to crash (currently).

I was working on an editor suited for my needs using
gtksourceview but was really disappointed by the current
highlighting capabilities.
Now i thought about canceling my project and write
some gedit plugins instead.

So my questions: Does it already make sense to write
plugins for gedit-newmdi or should i wait until it gets a bit
more stable ? (Will the plugin-architecture change in
near future ?)

Will the new_mdi branch eventually include the new gtksourceview
stuff when its going to be released ? Or later ?

Is it a good idea to write plugins who modify highlighting ?
Like autocompletition related stuff ?



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