[gedit-list] New Feature suggestions

Hi All,

I've been using gedit for editing python programs, and I like it quite a
bit. I have a few suggestions for making things a bit easier.

1. Add a 'refresh' feature to refresh the directory/file structure that
the Open File dialog uses.
    This would avoid having to shut down and reopen gedit to pick them
up. This could also be
    a preferences feature to determine if it should be automatically
refreshed or not.
2. Add a 'set default directory' dialog to set the default directory
that open and save uses.
    This would override the directory used at startup.
3. Add a 'run' feature to run the current editing session. This would
enable scripting languages
    to be executed directly. For example an editing session starting
with #!/usr/bin/env python
    could then be executed by python. A 'run in terminal' toggle would
really be icing on the cake.

Thanks for all the great work!


Gedit 0.9.4

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