[gdome] Question about memory problem

I have an app which used gdome and I have problem of memory. I know that the problem come from the use of GdomeDocument. I have tracked the memory with valgrind.

the code is :
/* Get a DOMImplementation reference */
domimpl = gdome_di_mkref ();

/* Load a new document from a file */
doc = gdome_di_createDocFromURI(domimpl, "toto.xml", GDOME_LOAD_PARSING, &exc);

gdome_di_unref (domimpl, &exc);
gdome_doc_unref (doc, &exc);

I still have memory that I can't freed. I know that the problem had ever being treated but I can't find it in the archives.

Thank you for your help,

Sylvain Cetre

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