RE: [gdome]XPath documentation

On Tue, 20 May 2003, Brenneis, Steve wrote:
> I have seen this documentation, but it is sadly very sparse. Is there
> anything more complete? Or is there possibly some example code?

in this case I can only point you at the W3C specification of the Xpath
module ( At the
time the module was implemented in Gdome2 the W3C document was still a
working draft. It is now in the CR phase and I fear the implementation is
not completely up-to-date so some of the problems you're experiencing
might also derive from a misalignment of the spec and gdome2, or they may
be actual bugs.

Perhaps the author of the module (TJ? I always get confused about
names...) can provide some more concrete feedback and possibly examples.

As soon as gdome2 implementation of the xpath module can be considered
relatively stable I'd really like to include it in the Ocaml and C++

-- luca

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