Re: [gdome]Do I use gdome_di_freeDoc?

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Mr H. Morgan wrote:
> I am using gdome for generating an xml document.  I notice that
> gdome_di_freeDoc has been depricated.  However, if I do not use this
> function, I get more memory left still reachable when the program
> finishes (as detected by Valgrind).  If I do use this function, I get a
> load of errors but less memory still reachable.

IIRC, gdome2 has some one-time overhead memory allocation that is never 
freed again. You should check if this is what you're seeing by running 
the relevant parts of your program in a loop and see if the ammount of 
leaked memory increases.

> I notice the examples still use gdome_di_freeDoc.  What is the correct
> way to clear the memory used by gdome?

not to use gdome_di_freeDoc


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