[gdome]Cygwin support

Hey there, I have gotten Gdome2 to compile under Cygwin, by hacking up a script provided by Tobias Peters at http://libgdome-ruby.berlios.de/build_on_windows.html
The thing is, his script is highly outdated (not the fault of him, it's just how things get) and it took a lot of banging my head against the wall to get it to successfully work.
Thus, I was wondering if the changes to ./Makefile.in and ./libgdome/Makefile.in that it made could be integrated into the Gdome CVS. How it does it is that he adds a 'dll' trigger to the makefile, so typing 'make dll' will generate a cygwin DLL library. Otherwise, you get a statically linked one (archive file, .a) which I could not get to link with my program. If that doesn't sit well with the developers, we could put a test in configure.in or an associated m4 file that would stick all that stuff in if cygwin was discovered to be the target/host OS.
The reason the statically linked library that it generated didn't work is because it wouldn't recognize the glib and libxml2 imports I was linking with as well with my program for some reason, if anyone has an idea I'd love to know.
Now I just have to get glib behaving sanely under cygwin and things should be set. :)

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