I've been working on some improvements to gdome2, including:

* New XPath module.
* Support for namespace declaration attributes.
* Memory Leak Fixes
* A small README.developer file

I have put a tarball of the latest code on the web, available at:

Note that the XPath module is not complete, but should have the most 
useful methods.  Once the w3 XPath draft becomes a recommendation, we 
should finish the module.

Also, namespace declaration attributes are not supported in all attribute
related methods yet.  I hope to complete this for release 0.7.2.

Finally, to test for memory leaks, I ran test programs with a
while(1) loop while watching top.  So far I've fixed memory leaks 
identified by test-cdata.c, and identified a memory leak problem while
running test-document.c in the BUGS files.


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