[gdm-list] GDM & Console switching in Xorg

I`m using gdm as display manager and have such interesting behavior:

i can`t switch to console from X using Ctrl-Alt-F1... keys while
logging via gdm 1st time.
When i logout  to gdm and login again console switching works fine.

My xorg config is good and, yeas i`ver read all the man pages about
console switching.

If i`m not using gdm and start X by 'startx' command, i`m unable to
switch to console, no matter how many times i`m running x.

So, question is: what gdm does that it allows me to switch to console
after 2nd login via it??

changes files permissions? some /dev manipulation? or... ?

I`m using Gentoo, xorg-x11-6.8.2-r4, gdm-

i`ve had same problems with some older version of xorg & gdm.

Any hints would be very nice.

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