Re: [gdm-list] welcome message variables besides %n not working


The gdm_parse_enriched_string() function in gdmlogin.c claims it
supports the following:

   %h - hostname (from gethostname() call or "GNOME" if it fails)
   %n - nodename  (nodename value from uname() call)
   %d - display name (from $DISPLAY environment variable)
   %s - systemname (sysname value from uname() call)
   %r - release (release value from uname() call)
   %m - machine (machine value from uname() call)
   %% - % character

Perhaps uname() isn't returning useful values for some reason?  That
might account for the values not being set to something.  I don't
see anywhere in the daemon code where DISPLAY gets set to anything
other than d->name, which looks correct so I'm not sure how the
login timeout value is getting in there.

It seems confusing since you say "%c" works and I don't see in the
code how this is possible.  I'm guessing you have found a bug, or
perhaps the Ubuntu distro has patched this to behave differently?
I sort of doubt that, but possible.

I also notice that gdmgreeter never calls a function like
gdm_parse_enriched_string().  It probably should.  I'm guessing the
"Welcome to %n" message just gets displayed when you use gdmgreeter.
Perhaps most greeter themes do not have a "welcome-label" so nobody
has really noticed?  If you are using the gdmgreeter and seeing these
values being translated then I'm confused how this is working.  I'm
assuming you are using gdmlogin?

It might be worthwhile to put some syslog() calls in the
gdm_parse_enriched_string () function and see why it is failing.  It
would be useful to file a bug in if you
don't have time to look into this problem.


We have used %d in the past to put the display number in the welcome
message, and some gdm.conf documentation talks about other variables
that can be used, such as %s and %r and %m.
With the latest version of Ubuntu, gdm is displaying %d as 30 or
whatever you have the login timeout set to, even if you are not using
automatic login!
Trying all %X variables showed only %c for the static time and %n for
the hostname do anything.  Where is the official up to date gdm.conf
documentation, and is this a bug or was the functionality removed? gdm version is
Michael Pardee
Open Sense Solutions LLC
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