Re: [gdm-list] can't set any user with gdmsetup


Go to the "Users" tab and enter the users there in the "Include" section, or select "All Users" is appropriate if running on a standalone

Yes, this is messy and plans are to redesign this for the next release
of GDM.


I have a problem with my new setup, which is gdm on a slack 10.2 box.

I can't do any of the following in gdmsetup:

- Select a user in "Automatic Login Name" combo box
- Select a user in "Time Login Name" combo box

There are simply no users listed.  If I add myself to any of these combo box entries, the entries will simply be lost upon next restart of gdmsetup.

What might be the cause of this? I searched the mailing list archives and bugzilla, but couldn't find anything related.

Best regards,

Niklas Volbers.
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