Re: gdm user and pass fields together


I'm a gnome user from Brazil, here in my company we're migrating to
GNU/Linux desktop. We're using gnome e gdm.
My boss wants that the login screen (GDM) shows up the user
e password fields together, not username <enter> and password <enter>.
Furthemore, he wants that gdm save and remember last username login,
so the user only types the password and log in.

Is this possible?

GDM does not currently allow this to be configured.  You would probably
need to rework the way GDM interacts with PAM to make this work.  Also,
putting both fields on the same screen doesn't save you any typing, it
would just mean you would have to hit <Tab> rather than <Enter>.

GDM does not support remembering the last username login.  Such a feature
would make GDM less secure since most systems do not want to reveal
username information on the login screen.  A feature like this could be
added, though it would need to be non-default.

You might take a look at the Face Browser.  While it doesn't do exactly
what you are requesting, it does expose username information on the login
screen and you only need to click on the username and type the password.
Slightly less work than having to type in the username each time.


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