Re: x restarts after halt in gdm and displayes ugly screen


I'm running gdm on FreeBSD5.2 on a laptop and I am having the following problem:

When the machine is halted from the GDM Greeter, the Greeter stops but X restarts.After a certain point the display turns into chaos; nevertheless a complete shutdown is performed and the machine turns itself off.
When I do a reboot, the Greeter stops and X does not restart; thus the normal shutdown commands are visible and the reboot is performed.

Does anybody have any idea why X does restart on Halt command?

configurationfile gdm.conf is attached

Note that in your gdm.conf file your HaltCommand is defined as follows:

  HaltCommand=/sbin/shutdown -p now;/usr/sbin/shutdown -p now

Not sure why the shutdown command isn't doing what you want, but perhaps
you might check what the best shutdown command for FreeBSD is and use that

Perhaps changing this to "/usr/sbin/init 5" or "/usr/sbin/init 0" might work better.


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