Re: Different config options for different X servers?

Brian Cameron wrote:
> Seb:
>>Thanks for the response.
>>Perhaps I am missing the point, but I don't see how your message relates 
>>to my query.
> I misunderstood your problem.  It seems reasonable to enhance the gdm.conf
> file to support configuration options that only affect specific
> configurations.  I believe the SunRay team here at Sun is adding
> features that might do what you want.  I've cc:ed Bob Terek so he can
> respond.  I believe he will be submitting a patch to support having
> configuration options per configuration to bugzilla soon and you might
> be able to test it and see if it helps.

Unfortunately we haven't implemented anything that would help him.

I understand his problem completely, I've mentioned the same need
here and there in various emails. And I believe MikeO and you discussed
this before I started working with gdm?

In our sunray environment we would love to have the ability to override
some of the global settings. For example, when starting a sunray server,
we would like to specify a different set of script directories to use
(PostLoginScriptDir, PreSessionScriptDir, etc). Since we can't, we have
to make sure our scripts can also handle the needs of the standard
server. We would also like the greeter to use a different theme, but
we can't. Etc.

This was too big a change for us to bite off, so we are living with it.
Seb's scheme to use "named sections" like [gui-Standard], [gui-foo], etc
seems like it would work, at first glance. MikeO once suggested a scheme
that would include inheritance, but that is probably overkill. In any case
the need is real, we would need to consider exactly how to implement it.

There is an existing bug that calls out for this functionality, even
though it doesn't explicitly describe it: 111642.

I think another nice feature to add to the config file is some
kind of include statement. When we install sunray we have to
move the existing gdm.conf aside and replace it with ours. It
would be nice if we could just append "include sunray.gdm.conf"
that has our settings (which would make use of the new override

I can't sign up to implement this feature, at least not now,
but I'd certainly be willing to help with review, design, testing,

Bob Terek
Sun Ray Development
Graphics/X11 Integration

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