RE: Problem in Logging with root account

Dear Sir!
I would advise you to have a look at the following link.
As far as I understand you should set AllowRoot to true, this allows root to log in. Please note that there is also a AllowRemoteRoot flag that should be set to false.
The auth dir needs to be owned by the user and group that you specify with the User and Group entries in gdm.conf . The default is gdm.gdm here. chown gdm.gdm <dir> is the command you needed to execute as root to fix this.
To edit the gdm.conf file you needet to log in as root. As you cannot via X you should use the virtual consoles, also notorious as text mode. You can switch to that mode using Ctrl+Alt+F1 and switch back to grafic mode using Ctrl+Alt+F7. The Fx keys to be used can vary with the distribution you use, have a play with all the Fx keys if you do not succeed.
Log in as root (here you won't encounter any restrictions) and adjust your system to your needs.
To restart gdm without reboot you could run '/etc/initd/gdm' restart being root. This again depends on your distribution.
Yes, all your problems can be fixed without reinstallation. Just out of curiosity, what distribution do you use? The default gdm set up seems to be just crap.
A fair warning, as you seem to be a beginner with linux: Be careful what you are doing when being logged in as root, you could wreck the entrire system.
F. Janssen
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Subject: Problem in Logging with root account

Dear Sir,

I am facing one problem in Linux server. First of all not able
to login as root account. If account is disabled in gdm.conf. Which line to edit in gdm.conf to make it active. I am not able to login as root. But I have created one user account where I am able to login. I have not given any rights (like to change the permissions,write & to edit).
How do I edit gdm.conf file. I am able to open gdm.conf file using vi editor but not able to save the file as I have logged in with user account. Please suggest.

Secondly, I am not able to open X-Windows. I getting the
message "Server authorisation directory (daemon/SerAuthDir) is
set to /var/gdm but is not owned by user gdm and group
gdm. Please correct the ownership of gdm configuration
/etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf and restart again"

What setting has to be done ?

Please tell me the command how to execute to change the ownership.
as I logging in with user account.

Without re-installing can I solve this problem. Please suggest.


Nagesh Jadhav

Nagesh Jadhav

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