Re: Crashes and Restarts


i tried to build all gnome 2.10 from source, including gdm.
just after do 'make install', i expected gdm to run propertly, but didnt do.

did i miss something ?

gdm tries to start X, and then crashes, then tries again and again,
retries intervals are incremented everytime.

i cant find any log information about what could be happening.. what
could i do to determine the problem, and hopefully to solve it?

GDM2 does make some efforts to set-up configuration properly for a given
machine, but it is sometimes necessary to tweak the Xserver start-up
command in the /etc/gdm/gdm.conf file.  Can you start X by hand (if
you haven't tried, you could use the standard-Server commandline that
GDM2 suggests in the gdm.conf file.  If you discover you need different
arguments to start up X, then you will need to modify the gdm.conf file
to have the correct arguments.

If X doesn't start, you might need to setup your Xserver config file
to work with your monitor/graphicscard/etc.  The log you are probably
interested in is your X.log or Xorg.log, which is probably located
in /var/log.  Perhaps your system messages /var/log/messages file
might reveal something as well.


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