Re: Is it possible to change the start-up nice value of X server in gdm

Small warning beforehand. I don't use gdm much so there could be a better way, but you could just add:

renice -10 `pidof X`

somewhere to your /etc/gdm/Init/Default (depending on your installation might be in a different place)

Am 16.02.2004 03:08:47 schrieb(en) dhliu springsoft com tw:

My system is Mandrake 9.2. The default nice vaule of X server invoked by gdm is 0. It sometimes causes a problem of mouse pointer random movement. (espcially in kernel 2.6)

Are you talking about that "mouse goes crazy after moving around for a while" problem? I have the same on my mothers laptop and reniceing X didn't help either .. and it has already cost me a few hours of sleep :(

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