Gdm calls pam_close_session too early?

I am the maintainer of pam_mount, a PAM module that allows one to mount
remote volumes at login time.  Pam_mount also trys to unmount these
volumes when a user logs out.

Gdm calls pam_close_session before resetting the system's X server.
As a result, X programs like xscreensaver are still running when
pam_close_session is called.  Because of this, open file descriptor can
cause the unmounting of a user's remotely mounted home directory to fail.

I would like to see gdm call pam_close_session /after/ resetting the
X server.  I entered a bug report in GNOME's bugzilla (# 126071) about
gdm's use of pam_close_session.  I also submitted a very simple patch
to bugzilla that fixes the problem.



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