Improvement of "Language" selection in gdmgreeter

Hi George, other gdm members/team,

I'd like to seek others' information/comment/opinion regarding
changing/improving "Language selection" in GDM (gdmgreeter).

So far, "Language selection" is kind like based on locales
which are existed on the system (also locale.alias).

It would be benefit to users if they are able to
select the combination of geographic-region(ex Europe, Asia,)/
country/language/encoding/input method, ... etc. at the
gdmgreeter before logging into the system.

For the circles theme, I would say that we can add these new
selection at the bottom part of the theme, similar to those
"Language", "Session", ... stock buttons.

I think, the way to add these new selection would be depending
on how those theme looks like. Ex, at the menu for standard
greeter theme.

What I like to hear is whether these new selections which are
are the right categories we should do.

Whethere how they are going to be added would depend on how
those themes look like and I'm guessing that those addition
coding change would be needed in gui/greeter/greeter_parser.c
and other *.xml in each theme (,, ... etc).

One more thing I like to hear is that, in the circles theme
under arabic/hebrew locales, the layout of "Language", "Session"
and "Disconnect" would be drawn from Right to Left from the
right hand side.

   |                       Disconnect   Session  Language |

I haven't tried gdm under arabic/hebrew locale yet but I'm not
sure if this would be the right behavior users expectes.

Also, I see the following message at locale.alias file regarding
the idea of "some automatic detection of available locales".
Just want to know more detail how to do that.

# NOTE! This is a broken way to do things.  Gdm currently reads languages ONLY
# from this file.  This is Broken(tm).  This setup will be replaced in some
# future version to be replaced by some automatic detection of available
# locales.  This file is not really a locale.alias file and the first word
# is used as a label in case gdm doesn't know this language personally,
# else it's ignored.
# The format of this file is SIMILAR (but not the same to the locale.alias
# format).  You could however point gdm at a real locale.alias and it would
# still concievably work.  Note that the first word cannot contain any spaces.
# The second word can be a comma separated list of locales to try.  GDM will
# try if each locale exists and only if it does will it show that locale.  The
# list is tried in order and the first working one is used.
#               - George


Chookij V.

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