GDM & ldap authentication problems

Hi All

Over the last few week, our IT team has implemented an ldap system
which allow us to configure email, samba, mailing list and posix account
from one location.

Today I tried to get our ltsp server to use the ldap posix accounts.

Doing a 'getent passwd' shows all the accounts from password files and

An ldap account was able to login via ssh.

BUT :)

If I try to login via gdm, it complains that the username or password is
incorrect and the following is logged.

syslog - messages:
Jan  7 11:27:19 yaad-xserver02 gdm(pam_unix)[13729]: session closed for
user test1 Jan  7 11:29:13 yaad-xserver02 gdm(pam_unix)[14564]: check
pass; user unknown Jan  7 11:29:13 yaad-xserver02 gdm(pam_unix)[14564]:
authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=localhost.localdomain:1
ruser=gdm rhost=localhost.local domain
Jan  7 11:29:14 yaad-xserver02 gdm(pam_unix)[14564]: could not identify
user (from getpwnam(moconnor)) Jan  7 11:29:14 yaad-xserver02 gdm[14564]:
Couldn't set acct. mgmt for moconnor

If we change the gdm pam.d file to reflect the follow url.

We are able to get past username/password but get an error saying 'Could
not set your group,  etc'

syslog - messages:
Jan  7 12:33:07 yaad-xserver02 gdm[15565]: Cannot set user group for dross
Jan  7 12:34:46 yaad-xserver02 gdm: Only root wants to run gdm

We are using redhat 7.1, with a gdm which I build from source gdm-2.2.5

Does any one had any idea what is wrong ?

Mike O'Connor
Service to Youth Council Inc
moconnor syc net au

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