Re: Timed login for different users

Rafael - this works beautifully - I had spent ages trying to figure it out
Really (really) appreciated
I will also post to the LTSP site under your name - thanks again

Rafael Avila de Espíndola wrote:
On Fri, 11 Apr 2003 08:19:16 +1000
SteveG <steveg nevets com au> wrote:

Is it possible to configure gdm to allow different timed login usernames depending on current hostname. I am using LTSP and would like to login the clients automatically.

If this is not currently possible, where (ie which file) within the source of gdm is the username collected for autologin ?


Yes, you can tel gdm to run a program to obtain the username.  If you want that the username be the same as the host name, you may do:





HOSTNAME=`echo ${DISPLAY} | cut -f1 -d: | awk -F . {' print $1 '}`

if [ "x$HOSTNAME" != "xlocalhost" ] ; then
  echo $HOSTNAME

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