Re: start several display on one machine

> Hi,
> If I want to have several displays running at once on a machine,
> I type as su gdm on a command line and I can switch from one displqy to 
> another using  ctrl-alt F7/F8
> I am using mandrake 8.2.
> What files do I need to modify to get automatically two displays?

I played with this a while back and failed to get it to work, however
during my playing I found out that this does have some drawbacks even
if you do get it to work.  You can't get DRI working on all screens
as far as I can tell, which means that you only get accelleration on 
one.  This may not be a problem in your case, if you don't need/want
this property.

> Thanks in advance
> Philippe

Julian King
Computer Officer, University of Cambridge, Unix Support

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