Re: Remote X

>>>>> "dplist" == dplist  <dplist sympatico ca> writes:

dplist> Is there a way to display something on local screen when noone
dplist> is loged in yet.

One way is to add it to /etc/X11/gdm/Init/Default.  This is the script
that sets background colour, starts xconsole etc.

dplist> I want to login (via ssh) and start an application on the
dplist> machine X's that outputs on machine X's monitor.

If you want to start things manually, the cookie you need to access
the display is in /var/gdm/:0.xuth.

dplist> It's easy if anybody is logged in on machine X. But it's
dplist> inconvinient to login onto that machine (closed cabinet, no
dplist> keyboard, machine is connected to an LCD projector) - is there
dplist> a way to display before anybody is logged in?

A third option is to use GDM's autologin feature to log some user in
and put the required application in their .xsession or whatever.

Martin K. Petersen

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