new gdm version: unclear reference tarball


you've announced a new gdm-release 2.0.96 at

this release isn't foundable at but only at . this is at least remarkable.

inside of the gnome-stable(!)-branch under your are announcing as
last stable(!) version gdm-2.0beta4.tar.gz inserted into the filetree at
Sep 29  1999    369k

this situation is confused and confusing especially because
gdm-2.0beta4.tar.gz has newer run correctly.

you should make a new clear announcement of cleared situation. after that
i will reinsert gdm into the Gnome Installation Guide reachable under

salut bis denne
    karsten reincke     /\/\       tannenburgstr. 13  
 +49 0541 / 977 3538    >oo<        49082 osnabrück    \/    mailto://karsten karubik de 

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