[gDesklets] Another Config Element (ConfigInfo)

Hi there,

just wanted to let you know that I included (I know, yet) another Config
Element to the 0.3x branch on LP.

The new Config Element is "ConfigInfo" and provides just an easy way to
put a text line into the Configuration window (see the updated docs in
the 0.3x branch for more information and/or an example picture).


<info id="info" label="Information:" value="Whatever you think is
useful." bind="info" wrap="True" />

It uses the following attributes:

bind	string		The name of the variable or property to which
			the configuration element is bound.
help	string		The tooltip text for the element in the
			configuration dialog.
label	string		The label text for the element in the
			configuration dialog.
wrap	boolean	true	Whether the text should be wrapped or not.

It should be pango kompatible, so things like:

<info id="info" label="&lt;b&gt;Erster&lt;/b&gt;
&lt;i&gt;Test&lt;/i&gt;:" value="So so" bind="info" />

can be done, too. (Unfortunately and pango in the value attribute
doesn't work here and I got no clue why :/ ).

Furthermore I am thinking of adding a "justify" attribute as right now
the values are displayed centered which is a bit disturbing when having
a few <info>s in a row.

What for ??

Well, there are some cases in which it might be nice or even useful to
tell the user what is going on.
E.g. if you set together an URI with a few config elements (like an enum
for the protocol, a string for the host and the address and an integer
for the port) you can easily provide an info field below showing the
(assembled) address the desklet will be using.
Or if you read out a file and want to provide any kind of information
(like the "Number of Quotes in the DB" in Quote-of-the-day) in a nicer way.
Or (mostly statistic's) things like: last readout, last error, status
information, number of values considered, min/max values etc.
You name it!

I know, the Configuration window isn't always the best/right place for
providing information, but wher else should it go ???

Any ideas/comments etc. ?!

Greetings, Bjoern

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