Re: [gDesklets] Primary bug tracker changed

Christian Meyer wrote:
did we agree on it. I can't remember. I vote for having everything in one place but there's one problem: we have lots of old bug reports at <>

I remember that we agreed on having all branches at LP, but I'm not sure if we discussed bugs. IMHO we should move to LP since it enables linking branches and revisions to bugs, etc.

I was under the impression that LP would be able to handle the bugs at gnome as well, but it seems I was wrong.

How would you handle this?
Lots of people will still remember that the primary bugtracking site is gnome. Hmm, that's giving me some headaches.

Yeah. You're right. That might be a problem, but I think we'll have to do the move to LP sooner or later and I think sooner is better :)

And now that we are planning a new release it's good to get everything set before it.

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