Re: [gDesklets] MIA for a month

Lauri Kainulainen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> just to let you know, I'll be heading to Central America soon and thus
> can't be reached for a month. Of course bug reports and requests
> regarding the site are very welcome, but don't despair if I don't
> reply until mid-January.
> And regarding the new shell, I think we need to make it optional for
> the users to pick between the old and the new at least for a certain
> period. Looking into the code I haven't found a solid way of doing
> this and thus this feature would require building an additional layer
> of configuration over the shell (e.g. "which shell to use by
> default"). I've built a textfile-based configuration system for the
> new shell that might be used here as well.
What about making it as a new command "gdesklets new-shell", which will
work along the old one in 0.3x series?
> But anyway, contrary to what I promised earlier, I don't think the new
> shell is ready yet for prime time and I won't have the chance to work
> on it for a month. I welcome anyone who is up to the challenge :)
Ok, no problem. There's no hurry in open source development ;-) So can
we release the 0.36 now? There are a lot of new features that deserve to
get out. Possible bugs can be fixed later in 0.36.1, 0.36.2 etc.
> In advance, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!
Merry X-mas & Happy New Year too.


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