Re: [gDesklets] Kevin Kane (FTB)

Hi there,

> does anyone have a possibility to contact the author of the FTB desklets (Kevin Kane) ?

well, I am not really 100% sure about it, but as far as I can remember
the author of FTB used the nick "werewolves" on the old homepage on (and the forum at this time).
So, if you google around for gdesklets and werewolves (*g*) you will
come across this site:

Maybe you want to give the eMail address in there a try.

But again: I am not 100% sure about it and I am just guessing, too.

Greetings, Bjoern

Btw.: if you are lucky in finding him please let me know as I have
basically the same problem with a Gauges desklet I have written :) (and
AFAIK he is the author of Gauges, too)

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