[gDesklets] Working with the GetHTML Control

Hi there,

I just started to play a bit with the GetHTML Control. It is working
pretty well (as far as I can tell by now), but to get a "useful" desklet
I need to do some searching in the tree or HTML file.
As we all know HTML files can be pretty messy and therefore hard to
search/parse I would like to use the tree provided by the GetHTML Control.
But before I start writing my own parser I just wonder if someone knows
a "ready-to-use" method (or tips'n'tricks) to do some parsing on the tree.
Basically I need to search for text (within a table) and attributes in
tags (like ids).

Furthermore I think it might be a good/nice idea to have an additional
property which provides a text version (in terms of the (tag-free) text
you would be able to read in a browser) of the HTML file.

Greetings, Bjoern

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