Re: D-BUS enabled GConf available

fre 2003-12-05 klockan 11.49 skrev Christophe Fergeau:
> What are the advantages of a DBus enabled GConf compared to the current
> implementation? More desktop-agnostic for people who want to use it
> outside of gnome?


As I can see it there are a couple of advantages.

* In the future it would be nice to see it used more widely. Depending 
  on the free desktop message bus would definitely make this easier.

* The CORBA-version has always had a problem with not dying together 
  with the session (still doesn't) which means you have problems if you 
  login from several locations (for example in a thin client setup).

* In the future a lot of cruft from GConf can be removed. Like the 
  entire scheme that the daemon needs to keep track of which clients are
  listening to which keys. This is now handled from the client that gets
  a reliable signal from the message bus when the GConf service gets
  connected and disconnect and thus can reconnect itself. This cleans up
  the internals a lot.

  Mikael Hallendal

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