help! broken gconf

Sheesh, if gconf has a problem.. EVERYTHING breaks!

I'm trying to run galeon which requires gnome 1. My machine crashed and ever
since then, I can't start the app.

I get
** WARNING **: GConf error:
No database available to save your configuration:
Unable to store a value at key '/apps/galeon/gconf_test'

I've tried everything. I've removed /tmp/orbit-mathew. I've kill gconfd-1 and
all oaf processes.

Here is what happens when I try gconftool-1
gconftool-1 --get /apps/galeon/Handlers/Downloading/download_dir

gconftool-1 --set /apps/galeon/Handlers/Downloading/download_dir "~" --type string
Error setting value: No database available

What do I do??


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