NFS-related problem


I've got a pile of 'Ximianized' RedHat 7.2 machines, with NFS-mounted
/home ( on a SunOS 5.8 machine).  Both client and server are running
statd and lockd - yet I keep getting this in /var/log/xdm-errors:


Eel-WARNING **: GConf error:
  No database available to save your configuration:
 Unable to store a value at key '/apps/nautilus/sound_state', as the
configuration server has no writeable databases. There are two common
causes of this problem: 1) your configuration path file doesn't contain
any databases or wasn't found or 2) somehow we mistakenly created two
gconfd processes. If you have two gconfd processes (or had two at the
time the second was launched), logging out, killing all copies of
gconfd, and logging back in may help. Perhaps the problem is that you
attempted to use GConf from two machines at once, and ORBit still has
its default configuration that prevents remote CORBA connections? As
always, check the user.* syslog for details on problems gconfd


I moved ~/.gconf and ~/.gconfd to /tmp, and made the appropriate
symlinks, and things work just ducky... but If I did this everywhere,
users would have different settings on all machines.  Any thoughts? 
Here's all the required info:

* I'm running GConf 1.0.8 (packaged by Ximian)

* Output from `ps jaxwww | grep gconf`:

   1 1584 32581 32581 ?         -1 S     2421  0:00 /usr/bin/gconfd-1 13
5593 8977  8976  5593 pts/3   8976 S     2421  0:00 grep gconf

* The ximian package doesn't come with gconf-sanity-check-1

Anyhow, any insight would be great...  Thanks!

e r i k   w i l l i a m s o n                     erik cpsc ucalgary ca
 system admin . department of computer science . university of calgary

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