Re: GConf and bonobo-conf

> If at some time in the future, things shift to use SOAP[0], and Bonobo v3
> uses SOAP objects instead of CORBA_Any, you'd be stuck doing a conversion,
> or you'd be requiring another addition to the GConf API.  A major argument
> for CORBA_Any (that specific type, not necessarily structured types in
> general, though I've made a case against those, too) is apparently that
> Bonobo-conf uses that type, and it'd be nice and easy to have it supported
> directly.  I say it causes far more trouble than avoiding a wrapper
> function in the Bonobo-conf API deserves.

CORBA_Any is just useful because it happens to encode all the type
code information as well as the data.  You can store any data that can
be represented in SOAP in CORBA_anys (if that is what you are afraid
of), and in our implementation of the WSDL compiler for SOAP, we use
CORBA Anys as well.


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