Re: leak in gconf_engine_get_full

Darin Adler <darin eazel com> writes: 
> At the bottom of the function, there's code that calls
> gconf_value_from_corba_value. But this creates a new GConfValue. The callers
> assume that the value returned is owned by the engine. But in this case,
> it's just leaked.
> Please let me know. Perhaps I'm mistaken. Perhaps you intend to fix this. Or
> maybe we can live with the leak?

If it's really a leak, no I don't intend to leave it in there. ;-)

I don't have the code available to look at right now. The public
gconf_engine_get() API is supposed to return a value owned by the
caller (the engine doesn't hold any pointers to values that I know
of). So given that information, if you can figure out whether it's
broken and do a patch please do. I'll look at it when I'm back home on


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