[Bug 330337] Symbol lookup error when starting evince and epiphany

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------- Comment #5 from Slobodan D. Sredojevic  2006-02-19 01:41 UTC -------
Karsten: No. I have not reported it upstream. Actually Slackware 10.1 is
nowadays pretty obsolete with its software choice, I even didn't want to
upgrade it because I thought - that is why, mostly, bootstrap directory exists
(libtool is there), so to answer Bob's question too, these are my steps to
install Garnome:

cd bootstrap; make install
cd platform; make install
cd desktop; make install

and also steps how I run into the reported bug/problem. If this is wrong,
please tell me. Is it normall/possible that some modules link agains libraries
that are outside of garnome/bootstrap chroot? Can I use ldd to find it?

I can wipe my /opt/gnome-2.14 and start from scrath and will report results
here, day after tomorrow as this is an old/slow compaq armada x86 machine.

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