xml2po using all RAM

Everytime I try to compile sound-juicer, or file-roller, I get to the help
directory and the following thing happens

The screen output sits there

make[3]: Entering directory
2.2$if ! test -d es/; then mkdir es/; fi
if test -f "C/sound-juicer.xml"; then d="../"; else d=".././"; fi; \
(cd es/ && \
  `which xml2po` -e -p \
    ${d}es/es.po \
    ${d}C/sound-juicer.xml > sound-juicer.xml.tmp && \
    cp sound-juicer.xml.tmp sound-juicer.xml && rm -f

Monitoring top, the xml2po process uses more and more RAM, until all RAM is used and the box freezes up.

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